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  1. Boreas says


    Is a bounty being offered for information relating to these vandalism events? I would guess these acts don’t remain a secret long.

  2. George says

    Time to post cameras on the property and to punish these types of people to the fullest extent of the law. This type of behavior has to be dealt with.

    • Rob says

      Yup that’s the way. Let’s just throw up cameras. Will cost airfield more money. But it’s not ours so who cares

  3. Paul says

    There is zero security at a strip like this? Not even one camera, what if there was ever an accident? I was driving from SL to Tupper on Sunday. I saw two different trucks on flatbeds completely covered with mud. What was going on this weekend? If there was an event go check those folks tires quickly??? Who do you call if you have any information?

  4. John says

    I support Boreas. I believe that local police authorities should have a substantial reward kitty to give to anyone who provides a tip leading to the identification, prosecution and conviction of the individual(s) who committed this crime. I am sure that such a fund could be raised quickly and easily from the local populous, including myself. I would also hope that the guilty party(s) would soon become known to the public. Such irresponsible behavior is totally unacceptable, especially for an adult with a vehicle and a license to drive. He/she/they must learn really fast that actions have consequences.
    Longer term, I believe that having a surveillance camera that continually scans the field would be a prudent investment.

  5. nathan says

    I would of thought the building would have a few cameras overlooking the field, but at night they would never get a license plate. May have been even a group of vehicles involved. When caught they should get 1,000 hours each of community service and rake ruts and clean garbage along roads! maybe some traffic cameras along the roads for future use.

    • Boreas says


      Indeed, any surveillance at least would provide much more evidence than we have now. People who would do this often may have customized vehicles that would be unique. Even a bone-stock vehicle can be narrowed down fairly quickly in a small community, giving enforcement the opportunity to “visit” suspects and interview them – perhaps obtaining a confession. But I agree – the cameras would be a start.

  6. Don Rose says

    I have flown out of this beautiful field on a few occasions with my brother and marveled at the beauty of the spot even before leaving the ground. How anyone can even think of doing such a selfish and puerile act (of cowardice) amazes me in all the wrong ways.

  7. Maryadk says

    Has anyone looked into a disgruntled former town employee or one who wasn’t given a job? It just seems with the target of extreme vandalism at the Keene transfer station and now at another beloved town location, the person doing this wants to make things hard for the town of Keene. We hope the person is caught soon and that everyone stays safe.

    • Rob says

      Do you know that there is a former disgruntled employee?? Or are you just making assumptions?? If you have any knowledge of a disgruntled employee I’d be talking to the police. Not posting on here

  8. Bob Rose says

    I consider it a privilege and one of the joys of my life to be associated with the Marcy Field, the people who have kept this in such beautiful condition and the fine citizens of the area. I just can’t imagine why anyone would want to desecrate such a beautiful, historic airfield. In the time I have flown there I’ve had the joy of taking a lot of the people in the area on their first flight through these magnificent mountains…even after flying for over 54 years it’s been as much a thrill for me as for them, I guess it’s like seeing it again for the first time through their eyes! We will find and punish these evil perpetrators. To the people still on my list for a ride…WE WILL BE BACK!

    • Rob says

      Unfortunately it will be the police who find them and charge them with a crime. You may want to “punish these evil perpetrators” but they will end up with misdemeanor charges at best and will serve no jail time. Probably pay a fine and have to pay for damages.

  9. Jane says

    Back in 1981 Steve then a pilot & I took a trip out of Marcy Field. Great memory of that day! Steve has passed on but the mountains & the memory are a treasure forever. Whoever did this…you will pay in your life time.

  10. COL (R) Mark Warnecke says

    When we create a societal environment where the criminals are victims, we all become victims.

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