About Us

adirondack explorer staff
The staff of Adirondack Explorer, summer of 2022

Adirondack Explorer is the only nonprofit, independent media organization solely dedicated to covering the Adirondack region in Northern New York State. Through our news reporting and analysis, we aim to further the wise stewardship, public enjoyment for all, community vitality and lasting protection of the Adirondack Park.

How we do it: Our reporters dig deeply into the issues on which the future of the park rests—the impact of climate change on our ecosystem, the challenges of keeping our waters clean and our wilderness areas wild, and the health and economic vitality of Adirondack communities. Our recreation stories provide ideas for enjoying this special place with hikes, paddles, skis, fishing and bicycling.

Our work

Founded in 1998 as a print magazine, which we produce six issues a year, along with an annual outings guide. In addition, we publish stories daily to the Adirondack Explorer website, manage a community forum found at Adirondack Almanack and send weekly and daily email newsletters around a variety of topics.

As a nonprofit, the Explorer relies on tax-deductible contributions from supporters as well as subscription and advertising revenue. Without this help from our readers we wouldn’t be able to bring you this publication.

The Team

The Explorer team is committed to bringing you the Adirondacks’ best reporting, writing, photography and artwork. Click here to meet the team.

Adirondack Explorer Board August 2018

Adirondack Explorer Board of Directors

  • Richard Beamish
  • Tom Curley, Chairman
  • Adam Federman
  • Charlotte Hall
  • George Hearst III
  • Tamara Jolly
  • Larry Master
  • Ed McNeil
  • Tracy Ormsbee, Secretary
  • Lynne C. Poteau
  • Laurel Skarbinski
  • Rex Smith
  • Curt Stiles, Finance Officer
  • Timothy L. Thompson, Vice Chairman
  • Charles B. Updike
  • Bridget Williams
  • Craig Weatherup
  • Robert F. Worth