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2019 Advertising

The Adirondack Explorer, founded in 1998 in Saranac Lake, is a not-for- profit print and digital news magazine dedicated to exploring, protecting, and celebrating the Adirondack Park.  The magazine is the only one of its kind in the country, and is considered a model for how to help small regional businesses and services reach a large number of readers and customers in a modern, effective, and far-reaching way. By advertising in the Explorer, you reach the people who are most interested in the authentic experiences of the Park.

FORMATColor, coated matte stock, news magazine; 10” x 12.5”, 64-76 pages;
Digital edition, website, app, plus Adirondack Almanack regional news service online and with mobile responsive design.
FREQUENCY 7 times a year (bi-monthly plus Annual Outings Guide in June)
SUBSCRIPTION COSTPrint: $27.95 per year; Digital: $18 per year; Combo: $34 per year
CIRCULATION14,000+ paid print & digital subscriptions. Additional 4000+ distributed by retail sales, affinity groups, special events, mailings. 35,000+ readership
DistributionPrint: 15% live full-time in Park; 25% second homes; 60% outside Park and seasonal visitors.   Digital: 80% live outside Park
Target AudienceAdults 45-65 with interests in the people, wildlife, natural environment, outdoor recreation, and preservation of the Adirondack Park and its small villages and businesses
DemographicsOur most recent combined print & digital subscriber surveys indicate:

  • 18% of subscribers are between 19-44 years;
  • 69% between 45-64; 65 & up 26%
  • 40% have income above $100,000; 20% above $150,000
  • 45%  have post-grad degrees
  • 85% digital and 71% print subscribers are male
Outdoor Interests88% hiking, 78% photography, 71% paddling, 52% x-c skiing, 42% birding, 37% bicycling, 9% climbing
Loyalty87% of subscribers keep Explorers for a year or more, 25% forever; 74% share the magazine outside the home




Size1x3x (each)7x (each)
Full Page
Back Cover
Full Page
Inside Cover
Back or Front




Full Page$2300$2200$2100
1/2 Page $1400 $1200$1000
1/3 Page $900 $850$800
1/4 Page $800 $700$600
1/6 Page $500 $450 $400
To receive the above discounts, ads must run consecutively.
Payments later than 30 days from original invoice will incur a 1.5% late fee per month on all charges.
Invoices for ads are sent the first week of publication.


AD Dimensions 2019
Full Page (no bleed) 8.8125″ W x 10.9375” H
Full Page (full bleed)10” W x 12.5” H Trim with .25” bleed and .25” safety
Half PageVertical:   4.26” W x 10.9375” H
Horizontal:  8.8125” W x 5.36” H
Third PageVertical:    4.26” W x 6.92” H
Horizontal:   8.8125” W x 3.46″ H
Quarter Page4.26″ W x 5.36″ H
Sixth Page4.26″ W x 3.46″ H



For designers:

• All ads should be submitted in a PDF format.  All source art should be converted to CMYK before the PDF is created.

• Please encapsulate or outline ALL FONTS.

• For best reproduction, all images should be scanned at 300 dpi and 100% (same size as image appears in ad). Scan logos and line art
at 1200 dpi.

• Please make sure the ad dimensions are correct. If there are any sizing or font concerns with your ad and we need to fix, a design fee will be charged.

• If you cannot submit the ad as a PDF, please contact us for further options.

• For any questions about submitting an ad, or having an ad designed for you, contact Betsy Dirnberger at (518) 891-9352 x23.

• Submit ads via email to betsy@adirondackexplorer.org, or send CD by mail. Large ads can also be uploaded to our ftp site. Contact us for details on the site.

Ad Submission Schedule

IssueSubmit Ad
January/FebruaryNovember 20
March/AprilJanuary 20
May/JuneMarch 20
Annual Outings GuideApril 20
July/AugustMay 20
September/OctoberJuly 20
November/DecemberSeptember 20


The issues are mailed to subscribers to arrive the first week of the month of publication.


SEND ADS OR MATERIALS TO: betsy@adirondackexplorer.org

Betsy Dirnberger

Associate Publisher

Adirondack Explorer

36 Church Street

Saranac Lake, NY 12983

(518) 891-9352 Ext. 23


Adirondack Explorer and Adirondack Almanack


1. The Adirondack Explorer has the right to reject any advertisement at any time for any reason.

2. Advertisers assume full liability for their ads.

3. Advertising Agreements, arranged verbally, are confirmed by email, and are contractual obligations.

4. Ad cancellations from advertisers are not accepted after the deadline for ad submission; payment for the ad is due whether the ad is run or not.

5. For ads that run as part of a multiple-ad agreement, the previously run ad will be published/run if a new ad, or instructions for designing a new ad, are not received before the ad submission deadline.

6. Payment for each ad is due within 30 days of invoicing. Invoices are sent the week each issue is published. In some cases, prepayment is required by credit card.

7. Accounts that are delinquent past 30 days incur a 1.5% late fee per month on all charges.  Accounts that are past 90 days will be sent to a collection agency and will incur the additional charges of the Explorer’s cost to collect the monies owed. Advertisers that are seriously delinquent will not have their ads run and will owe for all ads both run and ordered.

8. If an advertiser declines to run all the ads ordered in a multiple-ad agreement, payment for the difference between the original discount rate and the higher rate for the fewer ads actually run, will be due immediately. Payment will also be due immediately for the remaining ads not run.

9. Ads designed by the Explorer will be emailed to the advertiser for approval. If approval is not given in a timely fashion or within 24 hours, the ad will be assumed to be approved and will run as designed. We will not be responsible for any error in the ad.

10. Advertising rates may change at the discretion of the publisher.