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Should we stop rescuing people in wilderness?

I was intrigued by the essay “The Case Against Search and Rescue,” by Robert Kruszyna, a New Hampshire resident. I later learned he is a… >>More

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Video of ice lining Ausable River near Upper Jay

Highway crews removed ice from the East Branch of the Ausable River this winter to clear a channel, hoping to prevent ice jams. The ice… >>More

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Tickets for violations decline as rangers focus on rescuing, educating backcountry users

Even as thousands more hikers and campers poured into the Adirondack backcountry patrolled by forest rangers over the past decade, state data show ticket writing… >>More

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Skiing the Jackrabbit Trail

Explorer editor Brandon Loomis skis the Jackrabbit Trail from Whiteface Inn Lane to McKenzie Pond Road in February 2019. A… >>More

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A rescue, two body recoveries, and advice for unprepared hikers

Statistics from Cascade Mountain show that more than 100 hikers were encountered each day on Saturday and Sunday. Approximately 40… >>More

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From littering to illegal camping: An Adirondack summer’s violations compiled

The Adirondack Explorer sought 2018 ranger tickets in connection with a story in the March-April magazine about how an increasing work load for rangers has… >>More

Outdoor Recreation

Should smartphones be an essential item for backcountry users?

Intern Amy Harff looks at whether smartphones should be an essential item for backcountry users, given how commonly they are… >>More


Lake Champlain ice

Champlain’s ice-up a rare gift

Loss of ice is one factor in the water temperatures in the lake, where the surface on average has warmed… >>More

Adirondack Almanack

Lake George Rev War Remains: The 1st Pennsylvania At Fort George

The remains dislodged from an 18th century military cemetery at a Lake George construction site will, in all likelihood, be… >>More

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Each issue of the Adirondack Explorer contains reviews of the non-fiction books that matter most to our readers. The subjects include Adirondack history, outdoor recreation, wildlife, natural history, and public policy. Most of the past reviews are now available online.

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One mission of the Adirondack Explorer is to show people how to enjoy New York State’s great wilderness. Every issue includes accounts of hiking, paddling, cross-country skiing, rock climbing, bicycling, and other outdoor pursuits. Subscribers get unlimited access to our Adventure Planner, an online archive of hundreds of recreational stories.

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