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bates cairn in Acadia

When is it OK to stack rocks on the trail?

Once used to mark the way, cairns nowadays often are seen as monuments to the ego and a blight on the wild landscape. >>More

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Monarchs and swallowtails

Monarchs have been a common sight this summer in the Adirondacks as their numbers are apparently up this year compared to recent years. >>More

In this Magazine

The park’s watchdogs: A guide to Adirondack environmental groups

A new group--Adirondack Wilderness Advocates--is seeking nonprofit status, raising the question of what niche it and several other Adirondack groups fill. >>More

The Video Room

Hikers react to parking changes on Route 73

Journalist Molly Ormsbee talked to hikers along state Route 73 in Keene, New York, on a Saturday in late July,… >>More

News Releases

A rescue, two body recoveries, and advice for unprepared hikers

A rescue, two body recoveries, and advice for unprepared hikers

Statistics from Cascade Mountain show that more than 100 hikers were encountered each day on Saturday and Sunday. Approximately 40… >>More

Explorer Reports

Four bids received for rail line to North Creek

Bidders are expected to propose freight and possible passenger excursions, maintain the tracks and infrastructure, and its connections to Canadian Pacific and points south, according… >>More

Outdoor Recreation

Forest rangers rescue hikers on Little Porter, Shelving Rock and elsewhere

The following are forest ranger actions from August 12-18.  The information is provided by the state Department of Environmental Conservation.… >>More


Protect joins state in appealing timber lawsuit

Both parties to a controversial and consequential forest-use lawsuit have appealed a July 3 court ruling that says construction of… >>More

Adirondack Almanack

Large-Scale Composter Installations Turn Waste Into Resource

Three large-scale composters were installed this summer at Lake Placid Central School, The Wild Center, and Hermon Dekalb Central School… >>More

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Each issue of the Adirondack Explorer contains reviews of the non-fiction books that matter most to our readers. The subjects include Adirondack history, outdoor recreation, wildlife, natural history, and public policy. Most of the past reviews are now available online.

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One mission of the Adirondack Explorer is to show people how to enjoy New York State’s great wilderness. Every issue includes accounts of hiking, paddling, cross-country skiing, rock climbing, bicycling, and other outdoor pursuits. Subscribers get unlimited access to our Adventure Planner, an online archive of hundreds of recreational stories.

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