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Should we stop rescuing people in wilderness?

I was intrigued by the essay “The Case Against Search and Rescue,” by Robert Kruszyna, a New Hampshire resident. I later learned he is a… >>More

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Cold snap hits Adirondacks

Frigid temperatures hit the northern Adirondacks this weekend. Temperatures began to drop Saturday into Sunday when more than a foot of snow fell in the… >>More

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Wild ideas for the park

Wilderness areas are meant to offer an escape from modernity and its hubbub. They are places to nourish your soul, venture deep into the natural… >>More

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Adaptive Skiers at Double H Ranch in Lake Luzerne

Double H Ranch in Lake Luzerne offers skiing opportunities for children with serious illnesses or disabilities through its Adaptive Sports… >>More

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Phone coordinates pinpoint unprepared hikers

Dressed in cotton and inappropriate footwear, the unprepared hiker found himself in inhospitable conditions. >>More

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DEC maintains stance on paddling rights

In December, State Supreme Court Justice Richard Aulisi, after hearing three weeks of trial testimony, reversed his own initial ruling in the lawsuit brought by the… >>More

Outdoor Recreation

DEC and hiking groups plan outreach effort this weekend

Forest rangers, Adirondack Mountain Club stewards and educators, and the Adirondack 46ers' volunteer trailhead stewards will promote proper planning and… >>More


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Timber, environmental interests seek consensus

To reach a consensus, stakeholders will have to cover a lot of ground. Privately owned forestland comprises a large share… >>More

Adirondack Almanack

Feeding Deer Does Much Harm, Little Good

A few winters back, there was a doe who frequented our compost heap. The garden fence around it proved an… >>More

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Each issue of the Adirondack Explorer contains reviews of the non-fiction books that matter most to our readers. The subjects include Adirondack history, outdoor recreation, wildlife, natural history, and public policy. Most of the past reviews are now available online.

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One mission of the Adirondack Explorer is to show people how to enjoy New York State’s great wilderness. Every issue includes accounts of hiking, paddling, cross-country skiing, rock climbing, bicycling, and other outdoor pursuits. Subscribers get unlimited access to our Adventure Planner, an online archive of hundreds of recreational stories.

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