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  1. Pat B says

    Maybe the Google Map designation of “State Truck Route” inspired these boneheads. Might Google be convinced to change or remove that description?

  2. Jo Puglisi says

    My best Buddy and I have hike the high peaks years ago when mt. marcy paths were hard to find and you could camp around the dam. Just wish people would respect it carry it in , carry it out. You are in one with nature and yourself respect it

  3. Mary Newton says

    Governor Pataki should abide by the trail rules. He is not special, he is a citizen like us all. If his schedule did not allow time to hike to Mount Marcy, he needed to go there another day when he had time to hike it. This elitist permission to circumvent laws of preservation of the land needs to stop. We the people of the USA have no kings.

  4. dam hikers says

    It’s almost comical, yet kind of sad to see all of the perceived outrage regarding this incident. Maybe it’s due to the over-saturation of media coverage, or just the “outrage” society we live in lately. There is “outrage” for everything in the news, everyday. What we actually see here is an extremely isolated incident, where someone drove on a “truck trail” (that is indeed the name of it) through an open gate that is not supposed to be open. This may well indeed be an honest mistake from someone who did not know they were breaking the law. And yes, it could have been a deliberate act but that’s hard to imagine someone wanting to be ticketed and fined for something that has brought on so much “outrage”. Were we outraged when Cuomo was driven in to see Marcy Dam because he was too lazy to walk four or five easy miles? Of course not, he’s the Governor, so he can break the law and nobody is outraged by that. But what harm did this outrageous act actually cause? None that is perceivable, unless you are harmed by your own “outrage”. So why not just let it pass, someone made a mistake and they will or have payed for it through ticketing, fines or what-not. It’s not likely to happen again and maybe the responsible parties will keep the gate closed like they are supposed to do.


    I hope one day we Humans finally take crimes against Mother Earth more seriously. Put this kook in jail for a hell of a long time. Hell let them rot in jail!

  6. Georgia Davison says

    Rules are there for a reason, and EVERYONE should have to abide by them….general public or State Leaders…it doesn’t matter who or what or why.

  7. Todd Eastman says

    This article does not include the comment made to the ranger by one of the two individuals that were ticketed: “… I’m a veteran…”

    This was in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise piece prior to the writing of this article.

  8. Robert says

    My niece just last week sent me a photo of our family the day our family hiked to Marcy Dam and came back on that truck trail over 25 years ago.

  9. Robert says

    Last week my niece sent me a photo of our family on the day we hiked to Marcy Dam on the trail from the ADK LOJ. We returned to our car via the truck road these clowns took! It was a nice walk down by that road though… they probably missed a lot being in a generally noisy vehicle like a Jeep. None the less; no harm, no foul! Let’s not make a habit of this prank, people!

  10. toofargone says

    Extremist of the worst sort. Self-rightous, hymn-singing extremism. Anyone who’s ever hiked the truck trail knows it’s stone embeaded, capale of supporting trucks, and no actual damage was done. I also think the rangers may occasionally use ATV’s on this road for multiple purposes, perhaps even supplying the outpost near Marcy Dam, based upon tracks I’ve seen along the road over the years, but maybe not because of the mass hysteria it would create. Just the steady drum beat and mantra to restrict access and limit use of our public lands. Woody Guthrie had the right idea. This land is your land, and this land is my land. This land was made for you and me. Don’t ever let the extremists take away our public lands, or with rules that kill by a thousand cuts.

  11. AK67 says

    Close Meadows Lane and solve several problems with one simple action. Access is still allowed but on foot as it should be.

  12. RC says

    Dam Hikers hit it on the head. Way too many self righteous idiots commenting here. Like holier than thou kind of righteousness. The same fn idiots that wear a mask while driving their car and nobody is with them. Baaaaaaa baaaaaaa.

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