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  1. Bob Liseno says

    This project is taking rediculously forever. The rail trails in Vermont are either complete or nearly so. They are long and scenic.. The Empire Trail is done and is wonderfully scenic and historical. Its hundreds of miles long. I fear our little trail is being being outclassed by all those around us.

  2. Steve says

    Are parts of it okay to ride now? I don’t want to be in the way of any of the workers, but am anxious to ride it. I’ve heard the gravel is kind of large, but I figured my fat tire bike, might fit the bill.

    • Boreas says


      My guess is that they are waiting to “cap” the coarse gravel with gravel “dust” until the end of the construction on each leg. Otherwise, heavy equipment can damage the “dust” cap which should smooth it out nicely. As far as time schedule, I have no clue. I would expect the LP to SL leg to finish first, but that is speculation.

    • Paul says

      I don’t think you are supposed to use it yet. It is only very course crusher. At least the part near SL. I haven’t seen the rest.

    • Boreas says


      Don’t quote me on this, but as I recall, horseback riding will not be permitted. For one reason, the interaction of cyclists and equestrian activities could be a safety issue – especially far from roads. Another reason is that the surface they are supposed to lay down – a smooth gravel “dust” surface – is easily damaged by horses’ hooves – sometimes even more so than ATV tires!

      Perhaps they will consider sections available to horses only, but I don’t recall that being mentioned in the planning stages.

  3. Madeleine McGinley says

    I am so looking forward to to completion of this trail! It’s difficult to ride on such coarse gravel as it is now so I really hope they top it off. Where I live in the Hudson Valley we have endless miles of rail trails that are completed in fewer years. ADK can do better!!!

  4. Lisa Sciacca says

    Why are they so worried about parking now? Wait to see what is needed.
    Along the trail there is parking,
    just designate certain areas for Rail Trail Parking and have Porta potties on route. Just focus on getting the trail done so it can be used.

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