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  1. Boreas says

    Hope I live long enough to use the bike trail section. Although I suppose walking or mountain biking sections of it in the meantime may be a possibility. Hopefully the bridges will stay in place for the time being.

    Seems odd to push the rail section first with COVID raging and social distancing being encouraged. But I suppose it is the easiest and cheapest plan.

  2. Ben says

    Has any explanation been provided by those in charge of the project as to why the rail portion has been given priority over the recreational part of the trail? Completion of the recreational trail in 2024 (if then!) seems foolish in the age of a pandemic. More information is needed from those responsible for this project.

  3. Bill Keller says

    Want to see a tourist train in action?s Come to Warren County and see the waste of millions of tax dollars spent on train track refurbishing, train stations,ice cream caboose moved from North River to Thurman never to open. And now it’s rinse and repeat.

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