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  1. Boreas says

    Has the APA conducted any wetland impact studies on the areas impacted?? Publish the results and give us something to comment on.

  2. Tom Paine says

    What was effected in the wetlands by removing the rails? Wasn’t there a impact study done on the corridor when the rails were in place? ????????

  3. david depentu says

    more crap and red tape, they should have left the railroad in place and made the trail next to it…snowmobilers, Atv’s and 4 wheelers will destroy it! Just like many other area’s where out of towners come in and ruin other landowners property.
    Why don’t you do a environmently impact statement on my property that was ruined by out of towners ripping up and down the road with smoke and noise pollution!

  4. Paul says

    They have already decided what they are gonna do. They are doing it..

    What is the point of “comments” now??

  5. Plow boy says

    The powers that be are just trying the Protect there backsides
    from Protect the XXXXXX pro bono lawyers me thinks

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