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  1. Shawn typhair says

    Complete and utter garbage. Those institutions owe nothing to people who were there because of their criminal activities. Get a grip on reality. The taxpayers of this state and the residents of those communities should decide the fate of the property. Whacked out special interest are killing the park.

    • Anthony says

      Amen. I thought I would read about a new hotel or something. Not about how the justice system pushes its racist agenda.. ridiculous! Crime has no color.

    • Dana says

      Perhaps. But I would prefer to see a well-written conservative rebuttal/response. I won’t hold my breath. It seems conservative “views” amount to little more than name-calling and tribalism, as you have shown.

  2. David Gibson says

    Consider walking some distance in the shoes that Alice Green and others on that panel have walked throughout their lives, and it’s really not that simple. Consider the toll of the “war on drugs” and where it has gotten us. Consider taking the bus all day and all night, season after season, to visit a loved one in the North Country’s prisons. Their history, their truth may be painful, because the truth does hurt, but their spirit, strength, courage and hope are as strong as ever. That does not make those who worked and earned a family wage at the prisons bad or evil people. Not at all. This can be, must be their story, too. Thanks to the sponsor of the workshop, it was worth a listen, and to the writer for reporting on it in his own words.

  3. Althea says

    Wow sad that people continue to be ignorant about inequities and the war on drugs. As one says do not comitt crimes…now there are numerous white people who comit crimes who do not get the time.
    Just what is needed a hotel..lol

  4. Paul says

    The state and the taxpayers need to get rid of these properties. The state should sell them like they wanted to. Just do the amendment. Gabriel’s would already be a summer camp if it wasn’t such a hassle do do anything in NYS.

  5. Wayne Miller says

    I am disappointed that the article and the State are excluding other shuttered ‘gulag archipelago’ facilities from the discussion, i.e. Chateaugay, Lyon Mountain, Ogdensburg, etc.

    For more context of Rockefeller’s tough on crime turn away from his otherwise moderate Republican record, see “Blood in the Water”. This superbly written and documented history of the Attica riot and its brutal ending explains how Rocky’s presidential aspirations meant he needed to prove to the right that he wasn’t ‘soft on crime’ so he embraced the most draconian and violent measures against the underclass to prove his resolve to ‘fight crime’. Unsuccessfully. But it did get him appointed V-P after Spiro Agnew’s bribery and tax evasion convictions.

    The inherent and overt bias and racism of which the author only scratches the surface is fully expressed in many of the comments. And the unwillingness or inability to even consider another point of view illustrates the two solitudes of today’s USA politics.

  6. Gregg Lojo says

    What a disappointing article. The liberal agenda is what is fueling the mass exodus from this state. Crime has consequences, or have we forgotten that? The Adirondack Council should keep out of these issues.

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