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  1. Worth Gretter says

    For an inside look at the prison when it was in operation, check out the 2019 movie “Ice Palace, a Love Letter”.

    The DVD is $20 at http://www.icealovestory.com

    The movie is about the Saranac Lake ice palace, but included the prison after the movie makers discovered that the inmates were helping to build the palace.

    Excellent story!

  2. Chip says

    Give Kaloyeros and Glo Flo 500 billion each of NY taxpayer money and make Moriah into a money laundering chip fab plant/solar plant/wind farm to save the planet.

  3. Dan Way says

    Do I assume correctly that these properties were built on state land in violation of Article 14 of the NYS constitution? And if so, are environmental groups trying to promote an amendment to that constitution that would allow these facilities to be exempted from Article 14 so they can be repurposed instead of being removed?

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