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  1. Chris says

    Great article.

    It would be so interesting to have an attitudinal profile over time of a few people like a couple of parents, teachers, admins, gov’t officials to see how they approached the consolidation, how their minds worked before, during and after. Change is hard and this would be a good psychographic case study.

  2. Jon B Pontius says

    I would be curious to know the equalization rates b4 the merger votes for the towns involved. If all was equal taxes go up $100 (ouch!) for E- L, and down the same $100(sweet deal) for westport. . My guess is that the assessment rolls were cleaned up at the same time making these #s true for the tax rolls as whole but roll Section 1 of the assessment rolls probably has a few significant changes ths could alter the picture.

    If you do not look carefully at these changes b4 plowing into a slew of,small school,mergers you could be doing the exact opposite.of the intention .,forcing the existing taxpayers into

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