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    • Tom French says

      Hello Bill — Finally, I find a place where you have not been first! (I did check your books and website while writing the article to see if you had any good tidbits, as you usually do).

    • Tom French says

      Thanks for reading and asking the question. You have a couple of options — Go to this DEC Website (https://www.dec.ny.gov/lands/34715.html) and download the Cranberry Lake Complex OVERVIEW Map — it shows the entire route.

      As I mention in the article, we started from a rest/parking area (with fishing access) 3.5 miles east of Cranberry Lake. The railbed is clearly marked directly across Route 3. The Buckhorn Road access is also within view 220 yards to the east.

      The St. Lawrence County Snowmobile map can be found here: http://slcsa.org/trails/trail-map/. It’s a little convoluted from our starting point. In the vicinity of Junction 206/216, the Buckhorn Road is Snowmobile Trail 88 to Junction 26. Our route continued along 88A to Junction 25, and then Route 8 (Red) to Cook Corners. I recall clear SLC Snowmobile Trail Network signs at the Cook Corners end. Sometimes the gate is closed, but not locked. (I don’t recall the snowmobile signage on eastern side, though we biked in along the railbed). Access from either end to the Forest Preserve Lands along the Grasse River is year round via the Buckhorn/Windfall Roads.

  1. Gregory C Rivers says

    i read your article i am surpriced that bride that crosses the river lookes like where we used to drive right in there with 4 wheel drive fish and hunt camp it was called stone dam

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