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  1. Jeanne & Paul says

    Erica & PJ Congratulations!! We are looking forward to meeting you both!!
    So happy you bought the place!!

  2. Bill Miner says

    I go buy there every time we travel to our camp in the town of Parishville. We’ll stop in. Maybe for that soft serve icecream.

  3. Paul says

    Wait. Cranberry Lake is surrounded by forest preserve. It’s supposed to be a magnet for economic activity… why so much trouble for just one store?

    • Susan says

      The year round population is under 200. When the mills all closed, there has been little work available to keep families here in the hamlet.

  4. Tanya Kennedy says

    Can anyone tell me whom I can talk to about hosting some venues in the town of Cranberry Lake would Love to bring some live entertainment to the lil town maybe host some field days have concerts and do some fun activities for your family’s and children’s country artist like Waylon Jennings Grandson Whey Jennings, Nuke Bushner, Wes Shipp ,Vince Moreno , Matt Kennon ,and there is more

  5. Lisa & Woody Ressel says

    PJ and Erika are doing a fantastic job! We couldn’t be happier with their ambitious new plans for our favorite summer destination.

  6. craig thomas says

    Back in the 1970’s & 1980’s spent many of summers in Cranberry Lake/Wanakena area and it was full of life and since it seems everything has left. I hope this business brings life to the area. Thanks for article.

  7. Jessica says

    Awesome place for fresh veggies, snacks, souvenirs and beverages! A huge asset to the area. The owners are friendly, hospitable and have a love for the area!

  8. Sheila says

    Tom has done a great job describing the sorry state our town is in.
    Thank you Erica and PJ for taking on this challenge. The store looks great with good meats and veggies. The red sweatshirts sold out in no time! And, it’s great to have a water taxi again!

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