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  1. Anon says

    I was raised in Wanakena when Leona and Pete Decoteau were the owners of the Wanakena General Store, or as we kids called it, “Decoteau’s”. I remember how loving Leona was, the candy display behind the curved glass counter and how she special stocked comic books when she found out I liked them. That old store still holds found memories of childhood. Of course, back then, Wanakena was the bastard stepchild of Star Lake and Cranberry Lake. Wanakena in that time was the impoverished, true backwater hill-people town where literal tar papered shacks and dilapidated houses were the norm.

    Wanakena has changed and to the new owners of the store it is terrible to have to struggle with attempting this new direction for the store during these trying times. Just remember that store, in one form or another, will live on beyond us.

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