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  1. LeRoy Hogan says

    What do the quarry people have to say? Again the opposition is pictured and quoted while there is a media vacuum from the other side.

  2. David Gibson says

    Thank you for your coverage of this granite quarry proposal, Megan. The APA, adhering to their APA Act, declared the quarry application complete on July 7. To say that action was premature is understatement. The DEC, adhering to their Environmental Conservation Law, declared their quarry application complete on August 9. Yet, even then the application was changing, and neither agency was coordinating. APA got the applicant to agree to suspend the regulatory time clock on 8/19 in order to conduct “coordinated review with DEC.” A bit late ! Finally, a legislative hearing was held by DEC on September 2, but no adjudicatory hearing that would allow sworn witnesses to testify. New information about the Quarry project was slowly uncovered over the summer – which the APA was unaware of when they declared the application complete in July. No wonder the concerned citizens of White Lake and surroundings feel confused and upset. The hasty declaration of complete application despite its everchanging aspects, its insufficient environmental and community studies, its fragmented and the seemingly uncoordinated process of “coordinated state agency review,” and the unwillingness of the APA to call for a full public hearing before a law judge all leave a great deal to be desired.

  3. Matt says

    I wonder how many of those opposed to the quarry have granite countertops in their homes or camps? How many of their deceased friends and family members have granite gravestones? Where should granite come from if not here? I hate to use the acronym NIMBY, but this is a glaring example of it.

    • LeRoy Hogan says

      My thoughts exactly. Plus I am thinking …

      Some of the complainers do construction projects that they deny have no environmental impact but make big bad claims against others’. Hypocrites, indeed.

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