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  1. Todd Eastman says

    Tough to compare the situation in the Adirondacks with New Hampshire and Colorado. The federal government, while never sufficiently funding recreational management and environmental protection on its lands, provides far more money and resources for those purposes than NYS has on a relative scale.

    For NYS, the Forest Preserve is a series of land management designations that seemingly sound good, but somehow manages to deal with recreation and environmental protections all by itself without the need for real funding and staffing.

    Close collaboration between the Adirondack groups described in this article will be essential to develop an authoritative and educational network that can build a best-practices-for-visitors program and provide up to date expert information. The AMC is a good model, but it is far older and more culturally attuned to the changing needs of the outdoor community; and has loads more money and co-sponsors.

    I expect the OSI and the ADK will have to take the lead to move this process forward. Both bring strong communities and excellent skills to the table.

    NYS will have to provide real funding to make this work…

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