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  1. Stephen Rose says

    Extremely well written article, first tier Explorer writing. Love the way it pokes fun at human pretensions. The effect could have stronger and the piece more respectful if the real first historical iteration, before the white people arrived, had been mentioned. This absence of recognition of Native Americans is a glaring mistake of almost all Adirondack writing. It’s hard for people, including hardcore environmentalists, to recognize that all activity here is just the newest phase of white settler colonialism. It doesn’t seem to occur to anyone that maybe some of this land should be given back.

  2. Susan says

    The houses of Adirondac were nowhere near accommodation enough for the workforce, which spilled into the nearby company housing community of Tahawus.

    Exactly where was this second community of Tahaus?

  3. David robinson says

    Great article. I have visited this area before. Maybe next time I will stay in Newcomb at the campground and explore more. My days of heavy camping are over. Maybe more paddling ANd exploring this area . wonder how the road bicycling is ?

  4. Bonnie Vicki says

    I have been to this area a few times since the new parking lot was added. It is well done and the extra carry of a canoe to Henderson Lake is not too bad. However, the parking lot is not nearly big enough. The last time I was there I had to park out on the side of the road, along with about eight other vehicles. If this area is intended to be improved to help decrease traffic in the High Peaks from the north, then I suggest adding more parking. Perhaps the lots closest to the lake could be reserved for canoe access.

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