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  1. Boreas says

    Fixing up the area is a great idea, but I doubt it will have much effect on the overcrowding farther north – but simply increase visitation to Tahawus.

  2. Shane A Holmes says

    Although those are some great ideas and improvements, I do not see how it will alleviate the crowds where the problems mostly exist, which is in the Keene / Keene Valley and ADK Loj road/ parking areas?

    What we really need is a permit system! This will reduce numbers as well as raise money to hire more rangers / help!

  3. MF says

    In the entire history of the Adirondacks, “Improving access” to anywhere has never made that place better.

  4. Pattle Rivers says

    I agree that I do not see how this will fix the crowdedness of the High peaks. This will only bring more people into this area. Henderson Lake will become stressed with increased boat traffic! I have a cabin in Newcomb and am not happy to see this happening! I agree that a permit system is badly needed in the high peaks during the summer months.

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