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  1. Matt says

    Evidence of the old kilns can be found on the south bank of pettigrew brook not far from the trail. The USGS continues to call it Cooper Kill on their maps, so until someone successfully petitions the USGS for a name change the Department will insist upon using this obviously erroneous name.

  2. Phil Brown says

    Matt, thanks for that info. You are correct that until USGS changes the name, it probably will stand. The state board on geographic names might ask the feds for a name change. My guess is neither board will bother.

  3. Lana Washburn says

    So…it has always been Cooper Kiln. I’m 66, grew up in Wilmington.
    I hate seeing the signs calling it Cooper Kill…it is NOT “Kill.”
    Kids growing up and people coming to hike it, will never have a clue what it is supposed to be.
    The people at DEC are all ‘young’ employees now and couldn’t care less what it is called…why would they?
    Whose idea was it to just up and change it anyway?
    There ARE kilns all around it on the topo maps.
    I do have a map that labels it “Cooper Kiln.”
    This ‘old’ topo map says: “Copyright 2003, by the Adirondack Mtn Club, 13th edition.
    It also says: “Base maps: USGS 7.5′ series quadrangles Wilmington (1978).”
    On my map it is labeled: “Cooper Kiln Pond.” It isn’t labeled Morgan Pond… a little ways away is Morgan Mtn.
    The current signs should be replaced with the original signs that say: Cooper
    Kiln Trail. It has been Cooper Kiln forever.

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