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Adirondack Explorer

November, 2018

New Adirondack Welcome Center tells Park’s story

The Adirondack Welcome Center is a step up from the High Peaks Welcome Centers farther up the Northway.

November, 2018

Classic Rock-Climbing History Gets Update

The new edition of Yankee Rock and Ice describes Matt Horner’s efforts to repeat a notoriously difficult ice climb called Gorillas in the Mist on Poke-O-Moonshine’s cliffs.

October, 2018

Ice climber returns from frightening accident

Matt Horner

The accident occurred on Feb. 8, 2017, while Horner was leading a client up a 200-foot route called Rhiannon. He had paused to twist in an ice screw, with the intention of clipping his climbing rope to the screw to protect against a fall. He never got the chance.

October, 2018

DEC rebuilds road in Boreas Ponds tract

The Gulf Brook Road was in bad shape when I visited Boreas Ponds in June. So bad that it took thirty minutes to drive my Subaru 3.2 miles to the Fly Pond parking area. So bad that I made a video about it. Since then, the state Department of Environmental Conservation has reconstructed the road to the parking area–ditching, grading, removing rocks, and laying down gravel. The result: this week it took only ten minutes to drive to the Fly Pond lot. The former logging road is gated beyond the lot, so for now visitors must hike or bike the remaining >>More

July, 2018

OSI protects 1,200 acres in Adirondacks

Tub Mill Pond

The Open Space Institute has purchased 1,200 acres abutting the Hammond Pond Wild Forest in the eastern Adirondacks, with an eye toward selling the land to the state for the Forest Preserve. Located in the town of Moriah, the parcel has five ponds, 2.6 miles of waterfront, and numerous scenic views. Tub Mill Pond, the central body of water, contains rainbow trout and brown bullhead and is touted as a destination for anglers and paddlers. “The Open Space Institute is delighted to have protected this forested Adirondack property, rich with spectacular waterfront vistas and opportunities for fishing, kayaking, boating, and >>More

July, 2018

DEC responds to mountain-biking concerns


In its proposed amendment to the Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest management plan, the state DEC sets forth a goal of creating two networks of mountain biking trails just north of Blue Ridge Road.

July, 2018

DEC responds to backcountry skiers’ concerns

backcountry skier

Backcountry skiers have long complained that state agencies have given them short shrift when it comes to accommodating their sport in the Forest Preserve. One major complaint is that years ago the state Department of Environmental Conservation transformed part of the Wright Peak Ski Trail into a hiking trail; the subsequent narrowing and eroding of the trail has rendered it often unsuitable for skiing. In proposed changes to the High Peaks Wilderness management plan, DEC aims to address the problem by rerouting the lower part of the ski trail away from the hiking trail. The department also proposes a number >>More

July, 2018

DEC responds to climbers’ concerns over access

The state Department of Environmental Conservation has compiled 132 pages of public comments and responses regarding its proposals in the High Peaks Wilderness and Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest. The Adirondack Park Agency is expected to vote on whether to approve DEC’s proposals this Friday. About ten pages of comments and responses pertain to concerns raised by rock and ice climbers, many of whom fear that efforts to address overflow parking along Route 73 will shut them out of popular cliffs. Below are all the climbers’ comments, with DEC’s responses in italic. We hope to post comments from other user groups later in >>More

July, 2018

Protect wants motorboats banned from Weller Pond

Weller Pond

Protect the Adirondacks wants motorboats banned from Weller Pond and Little Weller Pond near Middle Saranac Lake. If you agree, you have until Friday to submit comments to the Adirondack Park Agency.

In a draft unit management plan (UMP) for the Saranac Lakes Wild Forest, the state Department of Environmental Conservation did not ban motorboats from the two ponds, but it is proposing to impose a 5-mph speed limit.