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Tim Rowland is a columnist, author and outdoors writer living in Jay.

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  1. louis curth says

    Thanks to Tim Rowland for this thought provoking article, and to the Adk. Explorer and the Adirondack Foundation as well.

    May Tim’s words inspire readers to think “outside the box” for practical ways to maintain a prosperous future for this Adirondack/north country that we all care about.

    Let’s see if we can find a way to balance protection of our increasingly fragile wildlands, with real, measurable help for vulnerable members of our community, and clear-headed encouragement of the legitimate, low impact, commercial needs of our business sector. If we could do that, it would be a win-win-win for all of us.

  2. Howard John Carswell says

    I wish all these investors never found the ADK park they ruin everything and bring city values to our community.
    We were fine without you and don’t need your money to raise home prices or rent to loud obnoxious weekly visitors.

  3. RT says

    We live in Skaneateles, where the village made the very wise move of prohibiting rentals of less than 30 days – and strictly enforcing it. Before that ban, we had all sorts of out-of-towners “betting” on Skaneateles as an AirBNB cash cow, and it was almost impossible for anyone who actually lives here and works here and raises their family here to find a home to actually live in. It’s much better now. As homeowners, we’ve lost the option of renting our house out for a lot of money when we’re away, but we much prefer to live in a community of local residents, where the houses are occupied by our neighbors, not partiers, and owned by the occupants, not “investors.”

  4. George Smith says

    Loud tenants are ruining our community. We do not know from weekend to weekend if our neighbors are good people(rarely), or if they are druggie or perverts or thieves. We have had them all, sadly. Sometimes they even steal our stuff! Not to mention the trespassing on our properties marked no trespassing. We incur the damages while the bandb owners do not even bother to tell their temporary tenants that the monies they paid did not pay to use oeverything in sight!! It is getting very tiresome! I hope rules/laws get put in place soon!⁷

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