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  1. Dave says

    Regulate these STRs as a business! If you treat them like a business (which they are), maybe it will cure a lot of the problems!

    • Beth Pashley says

      And that’s not counting the rentals available through the multiple rental agents or ADK by Owner either.

  2. Vanessa B says

    Yup, I’m 100% with locals who are upset – they have a right to be. STRs should be regulated in such a way that makes a community more sustainable for long term residents.

  3. Andy Rooney says

    May be too late for Old Forge. But I agree..Regulate them as businesses unless they are owner occupied.

  4. Sue says

    Tough decisions… I agree about Old Forge turning into a party town because in a lot of ways it already has due to the tourist attractions. For those looking for a peaceful location on the lake it is becoming more difficult. I can also see why the landowners/ renters need to recover their costs because property taxes in NYS and various towns are so high.

  5. Tom says

    OF has always been a party town and always will be There is no way they can survive without tourists local people can’t afford the rent that needs to be charged to cover the cost of owning a home there It’s been said since I was a kid in the 70s that the Adks will revert back to the days of the Vanderbilts where only the rich will live and vacation

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