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A New York native, Izania has her bachelor's degree from RPI in sustainability studies and is currently a student at CUNY's Craig Noonmark Graduate School of Journalism, where she's focusing on engagement journalism.

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  1. JD says

    How about investigating the flip-side? What it’s like living with one in your neighborhood hood. I’ll give you a list of people to interview.

  2. MAS says

    I’ve lived in my home for nearly 35 years and I now have two STR properties across the street from my home. Neither of which are mine. I’ve had no problems with either of them. The LTR across the adjoining street on the other hand, was a drug infested dump with crap piled all over the place and was always in shambles. So bring on the STR any day. At least they keep their property up to attract new renters. Blaming STR properties as a cause for lack of affordable LTR in my opinion is ridiculous. Use some of the tax money generated from the STR to fund some “affordable housing” or renovate some of these properties in the Adirondacks that look more like brown fields. Sadly, that money just ends up as a line item in a general fund usually earmarked for a -feather in a cap-project for a politician.

  3. K says

    I have to agree with the above reply. In my Hamilton County neighborhood a trashed house got sold and converted to a rental. Gone are the junked trucks and boats, the tied up barking dogs, and the Confederate flag. The house is neat as a pin and I don’t even notice the renters. Works for me!

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