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  1. Bill Keller says

    “Permit fees are $800 (400 per year) for any rental unit comprised of one to three bedrooms and $1,600 ($800 per year) for a rental unit comprised 5 of four or more bedrooms.” Now that solved the communities issues with short term rentals. Then you have,” must abide by town codes, current state fire safety standards, ensure septic systems meet requirements, provide sufficient lawful parking for the number of occupants, ensure the maximum allowable occupancy rate (based on the New York State Fire Prevention and Building Code and Property Maintenance Code) is not exceeded. ” Now do the rest of the town’s properties need to comply? Politicians answer to every problem, raise fees and taxes.

  2. Mark V. says

    The Town of Webb needs to restrict Corporate owners of STR’s. They are for profit businesses and should be regulated as such. Owners who are never in residence at their property should also be subject to the corporation restrictions.

  3. Beth Pashley says

    I agree with Mary Brophy-Moore’s comment that short term rentals (a business) should not be allowed in residential neighborhoods. Allowing business’s in a residential neighborhood is against the local zoning codes. A commercially zoned district is a different matter. While STR in those districts should be up to code and regulated, they should be allowed.

  4. Anonymous says

    I don’t believe that many STR are bought solely for the purpose of renting them out like a business. I believe the majority are people who genuinely love this community and WANT to be here and spend money here but can only do so part of the year so to offset the cost of owning a home here they rent it out thus allowing other people who LOVE our community and the gorgeous area here to enjoy it in a setting that allows their family to be together in one home.

    I also believe there are some locals, myself included, who own properties and rent them out to 1. Help with an income living here and 2. To allow guests to come to my home town and enjoy their time here, go to the water park, the restaurants, the movie theater, coffee shops, breweries, shop the stores in town or enjoy a hike or a paddle.

    We as a community need to find the balance between including and welcoming GUESTS and keeping Old Forge the place we all love but it’s disappointing to hear so many locals being so negative.

    I always hear “people are so nice here” and it’s true… until they get behind a key board. Let’s try to remember how we want to be treated when we go someplace to visit and enjoy our hard earned time off.

  5. Libby Jewsbury says

    Enforcement of this law and so many other on the books for the town of Webb will be key factor on the perceived effectiveness of the STR law.

    Zoning (in my opinion) is a more effective way to control desired populations in residential areas.

    It is disappointing to learn that the town we chose for retirement, the town that has always been a tourist town, is just now, reactively, trying to plan for the local community that are the pillars and key to a tourist town success. Following the 2019 Town of Webb Comprehensive Master Plan could have negated the need for this STR law being needed.

    Okay, so we have a law, we will be applying for a permit over the next month. We winter here in Old Forge from mid Oct to Mid May.

    May the process be fair and seamless from beginning to end, so we can get back to enjoying what we came here for, outdoors, good people, good food, making memories, and snowmen! And may our summer guest, continue to enjoy the slice of paradise we are lucky enough to own and share with them through short term renting.

    Have a grand day!

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