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  1. Zephyr says

    Hey Explorer, I can’t see the comments on “Hikers offer insights on new AMR permit system.” Apparently there are 5 comments, but they don’t show up on the site.

  2. M.P. Heller says

    This will go on for some time. In the 80s when restrictions on vehicle use in wild forests began to be enforced meaningfully many of the gates placed to block access were repeatedly destroyed or stolen. Eventually this led to the placement of boulders and more difficult obstacles which couldn’t be easily overcome.

    While I think this idea of stakes along the shoulder of 73 is massively stupid and extremely ugly, I would probably be less aggravated if it was boulders rather than stakes. The destruction of the viewshed is completely unacceptable, and those stakes are ugly af.

  3. Pond Paddler says

    Suppose a traveler has a flat tire or mechanical issue and actually needs to pull off the road. What then? Not sure that putting these stakes out there is the safest way to handle this problem. Glad I paddle..

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