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  1. Gil Adler says

    Silly suggestion maybe… but… what about adding back those 300 parking spaces back so people can walk to the AMR?

    • Zephyr says

      Why is it that locals get priority access to state-owned lands? Apparently some state citizens have more rights than others? Seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen at the AMR public easement.

      • ChapelPondGirl says

        They don’t. This article is referring to another article which quotes someone who overheard a conversation that was not accurate.

        There is no special exemption for local residents. Period. Every local who wants to hike up the west river trail, or go for a trail run on the Lake Road has to battle the same exact system that visitors have to.

        Sloppy reporting here.

        • Melissa Hart says

          From the FAQ on the hike AMR website: PLEASE NOTE: Residents of Keene and Keene Valley will retain the same local privileges as in years past. Please contact AMR directly for more information.

        • Gebby says

          That is absolutely not correct. Keene and KV locals do not have to deal with this permit system and have preferential treatment

  2. nathan says

    blocking paved parking areas, scenic area over looks, now people driving through cannot even pull over to look, or if car breaks down, they are stuck in middle of the road.. make some lots with transports to hiking heads, hire 1-2 police to check for illegal road side parkers and put a $200 fine and tow. make the idiots pay, not punish everyone. road pull offs inforce any unoccupied car ticket. use funds to help run shuttles for hikers and solve issues. too many fools park on edge of road tearing up edges and unloading into traffic, kids unwatched, even seen dogs running loose in the road….why dog is ever off leash in park?

  3. Iroh says

    Why isn’t Lak e Placid part of this conversation? Being an outsider ( Vermont) but it would seem utilizing shuttles and parking from LP ( Whiteface as example) shuttle bus could run from Lake Placid to Keene Valley and back. Given the preceived hiker volume this could be self sustaining transit, at least for the summer.

  4. Vanessa says

    Two thoughts: the DOT signposts ARE aesthetically challenged, 110% agreement there…

    …and that’s disheartening as hec to hear that the shuttles are on hold due to concerns re the Chapel Pond parking lot. Absolutely reserve the what, 2-3 parking spots needed for the shuttle to turn around. What’s the pay for driving it for the summer? I may apply. I’m only 50% kidding here. Give me a few days off to hike and it seems like a great gig.

    • Gebby says

      And the signposts at the parking area below Chapel Pond have already been crunched by a car or truck!

  5. Meghan says

    It must be difficult to choose to live in a Tourist Destination when you despise Tourists. Those dreaded awful Tourists & Hikers Provide Revenue that lower Property taxes & support your tax base. “Thankfully Canadian Border remains closed” is a welcoming attitude. I hope Canadians stay away (as I plan to) I can only hope that residents of ADK feel equally unwelcome in my area of The Finger Lakes. We don’t need the increased Traffic, Litter & Other inconvienences either. Chronic Whiners & Complainers are generally unwelcome anywhere.
    As for AMR restricting access to Public Land, that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.
    Don’t Promote & advertise Tourism in ADK if you expect to Control Visitors. It doesn’t work that way. I feel sorry for your local Business Owners trying to make a living while residents use The Internet to complain & send an endless message of “stay away” People can & will go elsewhere.

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