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Tim Rowland is a columnist, author and outdoors writer living in Jay.

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  1. Todd Miller says

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your humorous article, especially the introductory paragraph of the fictitious characters Livingston Owlshead, William Haystack and Chester C. Cobble. How would you rate/compare the three Owls Heads? Last, but not least, you didn’t mention anything about the bugs.

  2. John MClain says

    Great article. We purchased a property three years ago in Owls Head, and could not be happier. A couple of overlooked pluses that make the real owls head a great place to be, is the whole community has access to high speed internet and it has its own cell tower (five bars at all times at our cabin). The biggest plus, I personally love, for any future articles, is that the real Owls Head is the home of the best native trout stream in the Adirondacks, Ingram stream.

  3. Andy Freeman says

    Thanks for a great article. On the downside, the APA is allowing 400 acres to be logged in and around that famous face starting this fall.

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