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  1. Alan Jones says

    Yes, this is a very nice trip. My wife and I, in 1959, left our car in Blue Mountain Lake, hitchhiked to Old Forge where we rented a canoe. On Seventh Lake we met volunteer caretakers, Mr. and Mrs. Yegar who had a rather permanent setup on the south side of the Lake. We spent a night at the beginning of the carry from Eighth Lake to Brown’s Track Inlet. I agree that the view of Blue Mountain is wonderful as one paddles from Utowana Lake into Eagle Lake and into the Blue Mountain Lake.

  2. Marion Goethals says

    Saturday, July 5, 1997, Raquette Lake (from Al’s diary)
    Today is trek to Blue Mountain. I get up at 5am and motor over to Indian Point at 5:50. Peter (15) and I (Al, 52) in their tin canoe, and Fred (54) and Cary (23) in their tin canoe leave at 6:15. It’s a beautiful, cool, mixed sun and clouds, morning. We get to Carry at 8:20, start at other side at 8:40, and arrive at church in Blue Mountain Lake at 10:35. We are met by four family members who drive up to the trailhead while we four walk up. We sign in at 11:17. (There had been some milling about at the church.) I get to top at 12:20. Peter got there 12:10 followed by the two paddlers and four hikers. We had a wonderful lunch, then headed back at 1:00pm. Day has become mostly sunny, windy. Extremely lovely day, we leave church in canoes at 2:30, and paddle thru very strong west wind. Across Blue Mt Lake, then Eagle Lake, where wind is less, and into Utowana, where wind is wild, and there are whitecaps. Get to Carry exhausted at 4:45. Peter and I wait for Fred and Cary, then we do the carry and launch into Marion River at 5:20. Less wind in Marion River, lots more in Raquette, but it has abated some. Peter and I paddle hard to break two hours time from Carry to home. We make it at 7:19pm, Fred and Cary 10 minutes later. Shower, great dinner; four paddlers receive tin can top medals and Fred brings great bottle of champagne. We rush from dinner table at 9:15 for fireworks in town. An historic day.

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