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  1. Larry Boulanger says

    I was first there in 1971. The horse stable was still there in excellent condition, looking as though it had just been used a few years earlier. Contrary to published reports that the tower was manned only up until 1970, it was still manned in 1971 in the Summer by a young female ranger and her guitar. I spent about 2 weeks camping up there with my girlfriend taking icy baths from the well next to the horse stable. I was actually there for about 3 days before coming across another small cabin with an old Franklin stove next to quite a large foundation and very large fireplace/chimney where we had some incredible bonfires. The trail to this area had been disguised and planted over with tree saplings and other vegetation so that it would not be disturbed. I would later find out from the ranger that the larger cabin had burned down just a few years prior and had belonged to the U. of Syracuse for wildlife observation and tracking. At that time there was also another small shed that still housed all types of early electronics which were no doubt cutting edge at the time. I returned there about 5 times up until 1978. I went back again in the early 90’s and the trail was closed to the public by the University and even had no-parking signs posted by the trail head. I long to go back and see what the years have done.

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