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  1. Boreas says

    This issue is similar to other NYS backed projects. Consider the Visitor Interpretive Centers. Good idea and execution, then “no money”. It t would likely be in Essex County’s best interest to develop it itself. Albany is unreliable, at best.

  2. David McNally says

    Who builds a campground on water (in this case the Schroon River) without access to or facilities on it? If no swimming area on the river makes sense, this campground needs a pool.

  3. Joan Grabe says

    If it is such a “good” project why was there only one bidder who later pulled out ? We all have wish lists but they are not all viable and the State and Essex County are not awash in cash. Then there is the extensive permitting process, the delayed return on investment and a myriad of other impediments. But not objections by nearby neighbors as there are none. Let Exit 29 slumber on in relative peace.

  4. nathan says

    Totally against it, it will destroy the beauty of the area, turn the boris road into route 73 keene to placid with illegal parking issues, idiots racing around corners. trespassers, garbage everywhere along the roads. such a creation would require the hiring of many police officers who actually enforce, littering, parking, speeding, dwi, wreckless driving. The only benifit would be a few mostly minimum wage jobs with no benifits.. most likely would be a food/gas stop from george to keene, with few staying. essex county should find a better investment!

  5. Beverly Stellges says

    Yup! Just leave it up to the state to make big plans and then do nothing! They had a five year plan at least six years ago to renovate the decrepit dump station and the bathrooms/showers from the 1950’s at Buck Pond State Park and NOTHING has been done! It’s just awful!

  6. Jon says

    If they can’t build the multi-purpose connector trail (frequently called a snowmobile trail) from Newcomb to North Hudson (would have run right to the A Frame)….. how can the state build anything else that involves tree cutting….or sapling clearing??

    • Billy says

      This property is likely less restricted, given that it was already used and developed.

      Thus it wouldn’t be part of the “forever wild” areas that caused the problems.

  7. Casual Observer says

    Complete boondoggle. Who allowed a 25M campground to get built in a location with no destination value except some limited nostalgia from a long defunct theme park, one place to get a beer, and a noisy droning highway? Talk about putting the cart before the horse.
    Dear county leaders: Please don’t make the mistake of your predecessors by supporting this failed venture. It doesn’t have the kind of “potential” you believe it does.

    • Billy says

      Umm… the destination is all around!

      Not just at the campground, but being able to stay there and conveniently access any number of other sites for hiking or other outdoors activities.

      An easy spot to “base” at then do trips into surrounding areas as well for those not wanting to just hike.

  8. CB says

    BTW, Paradox Brewery… won’t be going back… Stopped in there with a couple of growlers to get some Beaver Bite IPA… A gent moving a keg told us they don’t fill growlers and the guy pointed to the cold case and said we should buy some 4-pack cans (which you can buy at stewarts and grocery stores…)

    What self-respecting craft brewery doesn’t fill growlers at their brewery tasting room that you drive miles out of the way to visit and tells you to buy cans you can get in the store??!! LOL

    Here’s better idea – I’ll buy a different brand of beer from now on.

  9. Linda P says

    We stumbled upon this place as we were driving from VA to Canada. We didn’t plan our travel so well with a designated stop so thankfully Frontier Town was open. This was like the oasis we needed at that moment. The menu offered was typical grill stuff plus some Indian dishes. The place was large and clean, fully stocked for a camping season. I hope they do well. The employees were nice. I tried some Indian dish I had never had, which was very tasty, but curry has a lasting effect with me, so it took me awhile to feel 100% after eating it. I do not think it was the food itself; just the heat of the curry. We went by the Brewery but it didn’t look open or welcoming. This was like around 2 PM on Thursday, 5/18

  10. Joe says

    I hope MO if he’s still involved with frontier town development,,he should think about bringing back the original frontier town, I started going there in about 1967 til it closed totally heart breacking,hardly ever missed a year ,same with amusement parks in upper jay and lake george, gaslight village, can’t stand the idea of new housing instead of keeping families having memories

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