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  1. Richard says

    OMG, OMG, Why oh why can’t the State fix the existing trails and backcountry – NPT (Northvile Lake Placid Trails) is in horrible shape, local trails near North Creek languishing repairs for lack of funds!

  2. miron says

    I think the Frontier Town is a positive step. I also agree that other trails should be maintained however most likely the development aspect of this project has nothing to do with the repair of existing trails.
    We will always find a better way to spend money and there is never enough to go around. A deteriorating property was turned into a potentially great site with a brewery, equine center, tent and RV camp grounds. This can be a unique attraction which should help to stimulate the ecomomy around the Northway corridor north of Lake George.

  3. Cyn ANN says

    umm Sounds nice but wasn’t there a place years ago to enjoy the old west called Frontier Town..could not think of anther name.. when I saw Frontier Town I was hoping the said western town was coming back…

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