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  1. Floyd E. Barwig says

    The article is enjoyable, but contains one error. There was no iron mine at Switchback. The facility you see is Mill #7, which processed iron ore from mines in Mineville and Witherbee. The Lake Champlain and Moriah Railroad brought the ore half a dozen miles or so from the mines to Mill #7, which was built in 1943 replacing a series of previous, smaller mills in the area to speed up production of high-grade iron for the war effort.

  2. nate says

    love the posting of photo of unleashed dog in flaggerant violation of state and park rules, bet they didnt police the dog either. way to common a issue of unleashed dogs and poo along trails or even worse~plastic bags of dog poo tossed in bushes, need to ban dogs on trails altogether as too many disregard leash and curbing of dogs. the 99% should not have to deal with results of the 1% dog owner poo leavings.

  3. John Mulholland says

    I’m sorry but Mr.Barely is correct. As he states there was never a mine at this location. I did enjoy the article. I was not aware a trail had been created at this location. Thank You!

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