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  1. Ihor J. Sypko says

    Are Amtrak trains running in southern states where heat is over a hundred degrees? It’s around 70° F in upstate NY and Canada.
    What is really going on??

    • Alex says

      The tracks down south might be better taken care of. That stretch of track on the Canadian side is supposedly pretty rough.

  2. Tom Paine says

    Sounds like either Canadian National has a problem, or simply the lack of customers has forced the stoppage.

  3. Scott Deane says

    I was going to leave from NYP to Montreal in 3 weeks. I called Amtrak about this today (6/30) and was told the trains were going to ending in Albany until July 11th due to “fires.” Very frustrating. I was relying on Amtrak to get me to Montreal. I have made several reservations. I may have to cancel and look at Megabus.

  4. Bill McDonald says

    We simply could go back to the old Windsor station. It still has commuter trains. It is in good condition with oil trains having run over it and would be an hour or two faster than the CN route. 60 years ago in the 1950’s the D&H ran between Montreal and the border in about one hour. Here we are now in the 21st century taking not one or two times as long but a hard to conceive three times as long. Some people just do not care. Very sad.

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