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  1. Jeff Green says

    If we are in a situation where one side must lose, then we may not resolve this. If somehow fossil fuels can see a win by getting out of dirty energy, this will get a lot easier.

  2. R. Shirtz says

    “The most important thing that an individual can do is be less of an individual, and join large organizations,”

    Which means forced collectivism by the government by tax and law. Which will lead to enforcement by the badge, jail, confiscation, and the gun, for the greater good. Meanwhile politicians, celebs, and the rich will still live enjoying their many mansions, limos, personal planes and yachts, because they will always be more equal than everyone else. No thanks.

    Even if the US and Europe does so, China, Russia, South America, and other nations will not. Their rapid industrialization to achieve world dominance will not stop for their concern of the environment or climate change. What can be done to make them? Tariffs? Embargo? Risk war? All they will give is lip service. So just stick it to the average American citizen to revert live like the Amish.

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