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  1. Wally Elton says

    I’d sure like to see a greater commitment by DEC to preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species with inspections and facilities at places like this.

  2. Joan Grabe says

    Another example of how the APA is not up to the job to which it has been entrusted. A new boat launch but no provision for a boat inspection and cleaning facility ? People are supposed to go up miles to the launch on Upper Saranac near the golf course voluntarily to have their boats inspected ? And as for figuring out which agency or plan has the responsibility to determine carrying capacity of the lake ? This is just another example of politically appointed officials who really should not have this responsibity. As an owner on Upper Saranac we pay for the eradication of milfoil on our lake and voluntarily have been harvesting milfoil from Fish Creek itself and the adjacent lakes. It has been a big job but it helps save Upper Saranac from future infestation. A cleaning station at the new boat launch at Fish Creek and Rollins Campgrounds makes utter sense to everyone involved except the APA.

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