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  1. Kevin Kirsch says

    Maybe some of the upgrades are warranted, however widening the campsite road should not be one of them. increasing that would damage the uniqueness of the campsite and also increase the ability for drivers to exceed the speed limit and with all the small children around, someone will get injured or killed. The only reason to increase the road is to make it easier for the massive RVs to access their campsite of which they have difficulty getting to. I propose something different. Repave the road and then restrict by size limit RVs to specific sites in the beginning and end of the park.

  2. Daniel Minchen says

    I wholeheartedly agree with Kevin. In walking Fish Creek Ponds this past summer, our group needed to completely clear off the road — along with cars — to allow the ‘house trailer’ RVs to get through. Massive and wide, they absolutely destroy the family camping atmosphere of the grounds in addition to gobbling up campsites and running generators. What has made Fish Creek so popular with many tent and pop-up campers is overpowered by ultra-large RVs, and the Ranger told me when I asked that there is no size limit to rigs being admitted. That must change to keep Fish Creek in character for future families and individuals.

  3. Ed Larkin Jr. says

    I completely agree with keeping the road as is.They even had speed traps years ago to slow the traffic. More real speed-bumps might even help.
    This beautiful place should be changed as little as possible. It would be good to increase the boat launch parking.
    P.S. Thanks so much for the review of my book ( Good Ol Fish Creek ). That was much appreciated. I enjoyed sharing my experiences and I thank the good Lord for parents that were wise enough to bring us there for lifetime memories. Still visiting when we can.

  4. mike baron/gruenauer says

    widening the road just lets the speeders think they can go faster …not a good idea. I’ve been camping at fish creek ponds 63 years not missing one year. the late 70’s 80’s and ninety’s i did magic shows every year at the amphitheater . please leave it alone ,that is one of my favorite places in the world . don’t touch that totem pole in front of it that was carved by George fish, and he told me after they put it up that the guy in the top hat was me , the magician , all my kids and grand kids told me to contact you and tell you dont touch the totum pole, my kids and grand kids still visit the park annually

  5. Debbie Roberts says

    .The DEC State Wide Accessibility Coordinator has been very receptive to hearing issues with the handicap accessibility at the site. She feels since the State lists the place as having handicap accessible bathrooms and showers, they should actually BE fully accessible and up to code or exceed it. She admitted there is very little interest in getting funding for this- let’s hope it goes through, not just for those who are handicapped with hang-tag permits on their cars, but for those who might be feeling a bit off-balance or wake up with a wonky knee, and would feel more secure being able to toilet and bathe in a safe stall with hand holds. With an aging Boomer population and explosion in the numbers of people camping, one’s needs shouldn’t be hampered by the State ignoring its own accessibility laws and requirements.

  6. Betty Filkins says

    We have been coming to fish creek for 50 years – started in tents and over the years upgraded little by little To now owning a beautiful motor home. We agree the roads need to be widened as it’s dangerous trying to navigate around campers, cars, boats being towed, kids on bikes and people walking but in turn there needs to be consequences for those speeders or nothing will change. I’m excited to see some upgrades including a new launch.

  7. Carolyn St John says

    Leave as is. I’m 72 been camping for years there when we waited in line for hours which was part of a fun experience. My dad would let us ride our bikes until we finally got to front of line for a site. My children camping since they were in diapers. Please leave as is. Change is not always good. Very disappointed we have not been able to reserve a site last year and this year. Everything reserved. We are tenters and always will be. We want to get away from all the amenities we have at home. Need peace.

  8. Sandy says

    I do not like the system as of late. Never did we have problems booking a site before. Now, everything is always BOOKED UP, N/A. First time since 1980 I have not been able to get into nicks lake.

  9. John Murray says

    PLEASE, leave it as it is. Widening the road to two way traffic is crazy. Huge RV’s going thru the park at breakneck speed as well as most of the new young drivers who want to go as fast as possible. There will be tragedies, there are so many small children in the campground that some poor child will be hit by a vehicle. This is Fish Creek Ponds not KOA. Fish Creek and Rollins Pond are very unique in being what they are, just plain beautiful. Change is not always a good thing and the changes that are proposed will destroy the little piece of heaven that they were designed to be. Please, leave it as it is.

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