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  1. nathan says

    Great!!! We need even more smokey boats blasting all over the lake polluting the air/water. destroying shore lines with waves, killing more fish with props. Roaring boats to destroy the peace…All for the profit of a unneeded greedy marina. So much for maintaining a nature preserve. soon there will be no loons left.

  2. Pat says

    LIt is long overdue for this Marina to be built. The same boats would be on the lake anyway. Now they will have a convenient place to store and maintain them

  3. Bobbie Leamer says

    The APA made their decision without having a director or a full board. The APA has no “marina” rules, and used a “boathouse” regulation to approve the marina. This would be the largest marina in the Adirondacks, on a lake that is primarily state land. No studies were done on the “carrying capacity” of Lower Saranac Lake. The APA today is a mere shadow of what it used to be, a body that today rubber stamps developers’ plans instead of protecting the Adirondacks. Where is the organization “Protect the Adirondacks” when they are needed here?

  4. Skeptical ADK says

    Now what about the Town of Santa Clara moratorium, extended until next year against the marina based on these same frivolous arguments and orchestrated by the Upper Saranac Lake Association, using their “unique” ties to the local government? Must tax payers continue to foot the bill for this targeted moratorium, at the behest of the USLA, that has now resulted in a lawsuit against the town? Shouldn’t town money actually be going to benefiting the taxpayers, improving the town, and yes helping the environment, instead of toward defending the town against absurd lawsuits of their own creation? Who are the players that have caused this and why do they keep getting away with their actions that cost the taxpayers money, under the guise of environmentalism?

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