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  1. Todd Eastman says

    The headline seems a wee misleading.

    There has been no ruling by Meyer.

    The State’s assertion is simply that; Jorling’s perspective is still being considered, and in fact, it appears that the State has work to do to deliver a cogent argument.

    Perhaps Norfolk needs to get off his grandstand, and look after his client…

  2. Joe Diebboll says

    The slips that would be offered at the Saranac Lake Marina would be privately rented at a significant cost. People who invest in an area are more likely to care for that area than those who are there for a few days. So, it seems that the majority of the boaters who pay for private slips at the marina are going to be more respectful to Lower Saranac Lake and its environs than boaters who are just there for a day or so. I’m sure a study would show that areas with private interests are much more cared for than areas that are solely open to the public. Some of the people who pay for their slips are likely to be ‘watchdogs’ for the Lake, because they want it to remain in a good state.

  3. S. Allott says

    RE: Carrying capacity of the park’s water bodies:
    Shouldn’t these issues be addressed in unit management plans and long term planning for the park, not in response to a single project?

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