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Jamie Organski is an Adirondack area native who has experience as a reporter, photographer and editor. She enjoys sketching outdoor and abstract scenes, reading, kayaking and keeping up with her two rambunctious sons.

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  1. Lawrence Van Garrett says

    We have definitely cut our trips back and the food we eat when heading to Old Forge/Inlet and Raquette Lake. We now pack a cooler with food and drinks and bypass being forced to pay $40 at Walt’s for breakfast or $14 to $16 for burgers and fries at the other restaurants in Old Forge. We also have cut down on how fast we drive up so we don’t have to fuel up in Old Forge which has prices there are a rip off. Until businesses start laying into their suppliers about their wholesale prices, nothing will change. Prices will never come down now that they are up and we all are forced to spend what they are now charging. And who the heck can afford to live in Old Forge. It’s a problem Old Forge has created itself.
    Last weekend, we let the dog play in the water at 7th Lake, hiked down to Moose River Falls and headed home, all without spending one penny in Old Forge thanks to bringing a cooler and fueling up in New Hartford. And until prices come back down to pre Covid levels(which they never will) we won’t spend one penny there.

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