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  1. Bill Keller says

    “Part of the issue is things have changed, young people have no work ethic. I was a paperboy at age 11. Where are the college kids who come here for summer jobs?” Wake up, work some low paying, temporary job with no benefits and deal with the public who won’t get vaccinated or wear a mask, maybe that’s the reason. CNBC says in NY it takes $38,719/year for a single person to meet their basic needs ( https://www.cnbc.com/2021/08/17/income-a-single-person-needs-to-get-by-in-every-us-state.html) I doubt these “summer jobs” even come close.

  2. Kat says

    There’s a reason they’re called summer jobs. Earning extra money while filling a business’ needs for 2 months. I have college educated children and for most college students they have to keep their income below a certain level so it doesn’t negatively impact their student aid.

  3. JB says

    This is a good example of what an overheating local economy in a space-limited (protected park) town looks like. APA and local gov. can stop these places from turning into the next Aspen, CO if they act in a timely and clear-headed manner. The myth of the dying Adirondack Park town needs to be done away with by all manner of politically-motivated ideologues, and hopefully articles like this one will help in that regard.

  4. Gerry says

    John Nemjo cannot find any workers because he historically refuses to pay his employees a livable wage. Don’t be fooled his business probably made a ton of money last summer and he’s probably making good money this year if the outdoor retail supply chains hold up. Sympathy should go to the dedicated $13.00/hour employees he let go while he was shut down.

  5. Pete says

    Old Forge and some other resort area towns may be in the situation because of limited seasonal visa workers but what about the majority of non-tourist, non-seasonal areas where businesses are short-staffed but were not before the pandemic??? Help wanted signs all over the place with pay starting at or above $15/hour plus benefits for or entry-level, minimal training/skill jobs like fast food, etc. What are all the people who worked there before doing for income? Just sayin…

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