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Phil Brown edited the Adirondack Explorer from 1999 until his retirement in 2018. He continues to explore the park and to write for the publication and website.

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  1. matt says

    Will the new ADK map show elevation in feet or meters? The 2003 version uses 20 ft contours for the southern portion and 10 meter contours for the northern portion. The 2015 map has 10 meter contours front/back. I greatly prefer the 20 ft contours! The added detail is very helpful.

  2. TonyGoodwin says

    Phil; Thanks for the nice review. The sketch map of the High Peaks wilderness and its zones on the back does give a pretty good idea of the boundary between the High Peaks and the Vanderwhacker Wild Forest. This is something that “slipped through the cracks” because on previous editions the boundaries of the High Peaks were either highways of private land – both clearly shown on the map. The next printing will definitely correct this omission. Additionally, when there is finally no ambiguity about the zones or the regulations, there will be a showing the south boundary of the Central Zone.

  3. Tony Goodwin says

    Thanks for the nice review. The sketch map on the back shows the boundary between the High Peaks and Vanderwhacker Wild Forest along with the approximate boundary of the Central Zone come 2020. In all past editions of the map, the High Peaks was bounded either by roads or private property – both of this were clearly shown. The lack of a boundary between the High Peaks and Vanderwhacker is something that just “slipped through the cracks” and will be corrected in the next printing.

    The also does not show the southern boundary of what will be the Central Zone come 2020. In this transitional year, it seemed that just a text box better conveyed the actual situation with regards to the regulations. Given that the actual differences in the regulations are not great, I would hope that any ranger would use a bit of discretion if someone thought they were in one zone when they were actually in a different zone. That boundary will also be added to the map once the ambiguity is cleared up.

  4. Bruce Piasecki says

    As a book writer i was impressed by the verbal precision, debt of detail and informed preferences of this reviewer


    I only wish all amazon reviewers were as rigorous
    Bruce Piasecki

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