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  1. Jerry McGovern says

    This series on housing is excellent. Tim Rowland does a great job of explaining the various threads (income, transportation, availability, utilities, carpenters and lumbers, declining student population, etc) that are affecting the crisis. I appreciate the effort required to get the information and the skill in organizing it for us readers.

    It’s also depressing. The solution demands work and cooperation, steps to make things better even if not good, time/energy/money. I’m not optimistic.

    But at least Tim’s made the causes and effects clearer for us all.


  2. Alan Reno says

    So the average monthly rent in little Dresden has cleared one grand..and the NYAR was quoted that the current price for a single family home in this region is now $284K.. a huge jump in just five yrs. When I left Saranac in 2007, my rent was $350 for a single bedroom, utilities included.
    I wish the article had spent more ink on the ‘why’. Are we just as greedy as the rest of America? Do sellers want their grandchildren to not stay local? I thought usury was illegal in NY.

  3. Gene Hoffman says

    Excellent article Tim!!! The details are impressive and so very true. This I know first hand. I look forward to your next installment. I just today secured a home in Florida because I could no longer complete my build in the Acres due to health reasons, and because of the lack of and affordability of housing in the Jay/Ausable Forks area.

  4. Greg says

    Great analysis, Tim. Incredible how the market has changed in the last few years. In our area in Johnsburg there little to nothing for sale. Prices for everything have skyrocketed. I don’t know how young families are making it.

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