Native Hardtops Sunglasses

Native-Hardtops-sunglasses-e1320442544623-150x74By Susan Bibeau
I am the first to admit that I am not the most delicate girl when it comes to outdoor pursuits, and there are few things that I am tougher on than sunglasses.

That is why I covet my pair of Native Hardtops. My husband gave these to me as a birthday present several years ago, and we are both pleasantly surprised that I have not needed to buy another pair since! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve thrown everything at these glasses. Skiing, running, biking, paddling, ultimate Frisbee, mowing the lawn, you name it, we’ve done it together.

They are lightweight, super comfortable, and very stylish!

My model comes with four pairs of interchangeable lenses: brown polarized, clear, yellow, and amber.

The temple pieces can also be swapped out for a set with a sports band, but the best thing about these glasses is that all of these parts are replaceable and easy to order from So far I’ve purchased replacement lenses, earpieces, and even the rubber nose grips.

All Native sunglasses and goggles also come with a lifetime warranty.

The Hardtops retail for $125 and are worth every penny.

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