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  1. Jerry Koehler says

    As clarification to the article on the new whitewater park; Pittsford NY has had a fully functional multi-drop whitewater paddling facility at Lock 32 on the Erie Canal since 2000. For more information please feel free to visit their website at:

  2. Chris says

    Many people in town fish and even swim right there. You say itll be good for anglers. Itll be good for fish. Maybe. But how will constant kayaks in the way be good for anglers? People who live here. And now you want to focus on one more specific demographic to pollute the area, and push locals away. The fish habitat is always great there. Sure, a bunch of paddlers certainly wont scare fish and anglers away from the area. Makes perfect sense. Great for the community to have more and more people pollute the water? How is that better? Not only with noise, or people, but garbage as well. Just take a hint from the new snowmobile trail. Now lined with garbage. Discuss these side affects. Do not donate to this.

  3. LeRoy Hogan says

    Don’t let the seasonal residential elites get wind of this or we will hear the usual complaints of pollution, traffic, noise and lurking strangers in kayaks.

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