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  1. Cliff says

    Our forests up here in the Cranberry Lake area are being decimated, all for as much profit as the “out-of state” companies can get. Then the lands are sold off usually to N.Y. State, when they RAPE as much timber as they can. NOTHING is left for the animals, no re-planting is done (as in the past) and large CLEAR-CUT clearings filled with scrub brush and berry bushes is all that is left. I have been up here all my life, and it pains me to see how our beautiful areas are being destroyed, Hunting club members that have protected these areas are invaded by “hikers”, “paddlers”, and “mountain bikers”, all in the name of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, and “tourism”, by Logging companies , and “city people” that have NO respect for the area. Slash, trash, and leave seems to be their “motto”.

  2. BACKWARDS says

    Cliff: If you don’t want wilderness clearcut, then advocate for loggers to invade suburbia where millions of trees are weak and constantly falling on power lines, causing outages. They need to be cut and the vines removed in suburbia-NOT IN THE ADIRONDACKS! Those trees in suburbia are bigger and better for timber frames.


  3. John says

    Looked out window at 5am today to see a young (2 knob) moose strolling out of my yard and down the sidewalk. I didn’t react fast enough to get a picture.

    I live in the Southside of Syracuse, well within the city limits. Deer are frequent visitors to my yard, but in 30 years I’ve never seen a moose, until now.

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