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  1. Boreas says

    Great update! I hope the MacNaughton Cottage makeover is successful. It’s reversion to a visitor center/outfitter is long overdue. The area is rich in history which needs to be emphasized, yet protected. It is a shame many other buildings there were left to rot or be razed, including structures up on the hillside. Missed opportunities…

  2. Don says

    A nice looking area with a glaring omission.

    The toilet there is an outhouse 0.1 mile away with no signage to direct people there. If you’d been there before the OSI changed things you may know where it is.

    • TC says

      Yes…by about 50%. More importantly, it prevents vehicles from impacting the historic core of the property making it safer for pedestrians to learn about the surrounding area. One drawback is that is makes the portage distance for boats about 700′ longer. But that’s a small price to pay for a completely upgraded trailhead.

  3. Pablo Rodriguez says

    This article fails to state that the reason only the MacNaughton Cottage is standing is because the OSI failed to maitain the others, then said they were in bad shape and tore them down. Also, it’s the village of Adirondac. Now there’s a gate that wasn’t there before. Real progress.

  4. Richard Figiel says

    Does the new parking lot fill up on weekends? During the week? If so, by what time do you need to get there before no spaces are left, and does spillover put cars along the road?

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