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Tracy Ormsbee is publisher of the Adirondack Explorer. When she’s not working – and it’s not black fly season – you can find her outdoors hiking, running, paddle boarding or reading a book on an Adirondack chair somewhere.

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  1. Chris says

    NYS should just gate off the park, don’t let anyone use it.. Absolutely ridiculous. Can’t cut a snowmobile trail,, can’t even cut a single track bike trail but you can fly a helicopter full of crusher run to resurface hiking trails? The older I get the more I understand why people are so fed up with this place.

  2. Moosebeware says

    I’m all for protecting the wilderness, but this is insane. Now, no new trails will ever be built to replace the crappy ones that need to be rerouted. Great. Just great. *with sarcasm.

  3. Boreas says

    A Google search found no mention of an official DEC moratorium on tree cutting. Is there a document or statement somewhere that makes this official?

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