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  1. Phil Brown says

    A 10th town (North Elba) has responded to my inquiry. It too is applying Bti this year. That’s 10 out of 10 towns that responded.

    • Tyler says

      Absolutely appalling that we can allow this to happen. Even in 2020 we still have this horrible perspective of our place in nature and lack the ability to cohabitate with it. Always finding ways to make our lives easier no matter the cost to our natural environment. Pathetic.

  2. Dust Bucket says

    What a lazy and dangerous ideology to carry around. How is this acceptable? And what kind of person thinks they like the outdoors when they are unable to cohabitate with nature. This idea must’ve come from someone from the city. This cant be right at all. What a pathetic and cowardly answer to such a miniscule problem. Theres bug nets and bug spray. Please try to enhance your perspective on your place in this world

  3. Jon says

    Unacceptable. This makes me want to visit the Adirondacks much less now that i know this is how they manage the environment up there. Id rather go to Ontario Canada and get eaten up by those bugs than be around people as lazy and cowardly as this. And they probably think of themsleves as outdoorsy people. What a pathetic solution to a fake problem in such a delicate/rare ecosystem such as the daks

  4. Michele Trombley says

    I want to know why Schroon Lake isn’t part of this insect spraying! We’re part of the Adirondacks, and we have black flies and mosquitoes too, and they are really bad. My husband and I pay taxes, wouldn’t spraying for these insects be a part of the taxes we paid?

  5. Tony says

    A much better solution and more effective would be to get rid of all these pointless dams and get the fish running again. We would have to compensate some land owners (most of who don’t actually live here) but it would be a much nicer Adirondacks with lots of healthy water and fish. All dams must go.

  6. John Reilly says

    What this article does not mention is what was used for control before Bti.
    Diabrom and Methoxachlor were sprayed by planes. The pesticides were mixed with heavy aromatic naptha. Before that DDT blocks were placed in streams. There is certainly an argument for non treatment.
    Bti is a biological pesticide. Not an organophosphate.
    Perhaps some people should do some research before anonymously calling an entire population of people cowardly.

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