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Tim Rowland is a columnist, author and outdoors writer living in Jay.

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  1. Ruth Gais says

    Thanks for your article about “The Other Other Panther Mountain.” The “OOPM” you described is near and dear to me and our family – it’s usually the first one climbed by the children when they are small, lured upward by promises of trail mix and M&Ms at the summit. Often there are puddles to jump in and often blueberries. But I am worried about the state of the trail – it’s badly eroded, especially in the lower parts, by all those eager feet, big and little. I don’t know who monitors its condition, but I wish someone/some organization would work on it – it’s not a glamorous climb but for a little glimpse of “Heaven Uphistedness” as Old Mountain Phelps taught us, for a modicum of effort and sweat, it is a sweet condensed Adk climb.

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