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  1. Kathleen Oot says

    Perhaps folks should be required to take a 3 hour course and obtain a cert number that they enter when they register. If you need rescue or assistance and don’t have a cert number you will be charged. The money for taking the 3 hour course could be put towards DEC needs.

  2. Ed Engelman says

    True, too many people enter the woods without basic equipment including first aid supplies. The one word that resonated with me in this article is redundancy. I have transitioned from using paper maps as my primary route guiding source to my Gaia GPS cell phone program. The program does use a lot of battery. It does accurately place me on the trail and it has been very helpful to me finding a trail after circumventing a beaver flow that flooded a chunk of my trail. I would never go into the woods without a compass and paper map as cell phones do fail. I like knowing that I have map and compass and am glad that I acquired the skills to use them when I started hiking in the Adirondacks 45 years ago.

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